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Hi, I’m Danielle.  After moving to Connecticut earlier this year I decided I needed an outlet to share my thoughts and what I’m up to with the world (or at least a few close friends).  With any luck I’ll be able to do so by keeping up with this blog – Bunny Says Rawr.  My husband was kind enough to write my About Me section because, in all honesty, he felt he could do a better job (which is probably true)… so here you go…

I volunteered to do this.  To write the intro post for my wife’s new blog, telling the world why they should give a shit about what she has to say.  I thought that the best person to write about all the good stuff about a person was the person who has to deal with the whole package.  So here goes my best shot.

Danielle is a surprisingly simple person who wants simple things.  She wants a quiet morning with an impressive sunrise.  She wants the moon to be clear every night.  She wants to look back with a childlike nostalgia on most of her life experiences.  When the stars align and things are right, there’s an unmistakable smile that crosses her face.  She also doesn’t talk about the negative much.  She won’t tell you about when her dad didn’t have a job, she’ll tell you about playing on the beach with her family and how awesome she thought it was to live in a hotel.  She won’t tell you about the months I left her here by herself and the struggles that went along with that, she’ll tell you about whichever vacation we went on when I got back and show you the pictures.  That’s the kind of person she is, she is my sunshine.  I feel bad about the clouds of life sometimes because of how wonderful her joy can be.  Her smile is like crack to me, and if you know her well enough, you know it’s genuine.  I spend the majority of my life trying to keep a smile on her face, which is why it’s been a little different lately when she’s openly admitted that certain things aren’t making her happy.  I don’t know what to do except encourage an outlet like this for her to express what everything really is to her.

Boo.  Probably the single coolest thing we have done together.  If you were wondering about this blogs title, it came from her.  Think about what you tell a one year old that a bunny says.  I made the mistake of telling her they say RAWR, and it stuck.  The way she says RAWR has a little lisp to it and makes my nose wrinkle while I smile every time I hear it….it might simply be the cutest thing anyone has ever heard.  The thing that stole my heart about this kid is that she has her mom’s smile.  I think the first time I saw it she was pooping, but it is definitely now my reason for living.  Danielle passed on the thing that makes me whole.  She smiles a lot, so I don’t need Prozac, just her laughter to help me make it through.  It helps that she might just be the single happiest kid on the planet (at least from my point of view).

Life.  Life lately has been a bit of a challenge.  For those of you who don’t know how it’s been, it’s been kind of rough lately.  Without going into too much detail, since Boo’s birth, we have been through just about every major life transition a family can go through.  It kind of started with me getting separated from the Navy and ended with us in Connecticut.  It’s been rough both emotionally and financially, but we are where we are and I’m quite proud of how we’ve come through, though it’s not over yet.  I’m proud of how well Danielle is doing with it, but still feel like it’s going to take some time before the teeter totter of this portion of our life evens out and we can enjoy some of the things we used to.

Now that I’m done with the sappy shit, let’s talk about why you should be interested in the things she writes about.  Of course she’s going to write a little about emotional or motivational things because that’s why people write; as an outlet.  But she’s also going to write about the cool stuff we do and have done.  Do you like to get your hands dirty?  That’s OK, neither does she, but she humors me and at least hangs out with me while I try to garden.  Like to travel?  Not only is it her occupation, it’s her absolute favorite thing to obsess over (ask her about the itineraries she made for a trip to Disney she had with her folks).  Like to cook?  This chick took a few simple cooking lessons I gave her and turned them into some Martha Stewart stuff.  She has also always been able to bake her ass off.  Pinterest has turned her into a monster.  Just don’t ask her to handle raw meat or to eat any meat that still has the bone in it.  Creativity?  All but two or three pieces of artwork in my house are hers.  Whether its photography or painting (giant crazyass flower painting anyone?) she has a good eye and great ideas.  So quit reading this and check out the rest of her blog.


One response to “About Me

  1. Aimee says:

    This seriously made me tear up! Probably the coolest about page I’ve ever read!

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