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It’s too cold where you live…

on April 7, 2014

Ever since we moved to Connecticut my family has remarked on how cold it is where we live.  My mother sent me multiple texts this year asking if we had snow.  Every time there was a storm headed any where near us she’d ask if we had snow.  In a lot of cases we did… but not all the time.  Yes, I live in (southern) New England.  Yes, it is quite cold in the winter – downright freezing some weeks.  But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a bunch to love about this place.  In fact, even on the snowiest, coldest days there is still something to enjoy about our little piece of Connecticut.  Lately though, I’m beginning to think my family will never get to experience it.

A few weeks back I received a text message from my brother’s number asking if they could come for a visit during spring break in April.  I was so excited and almost immediately told them yes.  After a few days of not hearing anything back I reached out to him only to find out that he didn’t send the text, my sister-in-law did.  He acted like he had no idea about it (which is quite possibly true) and remarked on how cold it is where we live.  A little while after that I talked to my sister-in-law about it and told her they were more than welcome to come visit.  I let her know we had room for them to stay here, joked about providing the allergy medication since my brother and one niece are allergic to cats, and made sure she knew I’d be more than happy to cook for them too!  She had mentioned my brother wanted to visit my folks in Florida and while she didn’t mind going to see them, she didn’t enjoy spending a bunch of extra money going out to eat every meal.  From what I’ve heard my mom doesn’t cook as much now that she’s retired, enjoying the good life in sunny Florida.

About two weeks or so ago, I reached out to my sister-in-law yet again to ask if they were planning to come visit us.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t plan anything for that time frame, accept a job without getting approval for that time off, etc.  Still no answer.  I had told myself that they were not coming for a visit and that I was ok with that.  Then last week I got a call from my brother.  I was excited to hear from him – it’s a pretty random occurrence when he calls, sad considering I’ve always loved talking to him – in my mind I was thinking maybe they ARE actually gonna come visit.  After a few minutes of catching up he finally told me why he called.  He wanted to know if the Boo and I would be interested in driving to Virginia to meet up with them and then drive to Florida to see my parents.  At that moment my heart sunk.  On one hand I was happy that he even thought to ask me, on the other it reaffirmed the fact that they were not going to come visit us any time soon.  I joked with him about not coming up here and you know what he said?  It’s too cold where you live.  Seriously?!  It’s April, the temperature hits somewhere in the 50s each day.  True it’s not a heat wave (though when you’ve lived through a New England winter – Southern NE or not – even a stretch of 40 degree temps feels quite pleasant) but it is comfortable, especially when the sun is shining!  So I let him know that I was about to accept a job offer and would have to start working the week after he wanted to travel to Florida and that even without that bump in the road I really couldn’t afford to drive to Virginia and spend a few days in Florida.  With that, we changed the topic of conversation and finished chatting a bit later. I didn’t push about coming to visit us and I didn’t let him know how disappointed I was about it.  But when I hung up the phone a wave of emotion flooded me… as it is doing right about now.  I just sat there and cried.  Even Boo knew I wasn’t happy – she came over to me and said “don’t be sad mommy.”  But I am sad.  And frustrated.  Disappointed.  And pissed off.

I love where I live!  I want to share it with everyone that I love!  I want to show them picturesque spots around town, take them hiking   to one of the nearby waterfalls, share some delicious food at one of our (new) favorite places, possibly hop the train for the two hour ride to NYC.

My family often makes comments about me moving back to Virginia or moving to Florida.  When I am asked how I like it here, I’m honest.  I miss my friends and family but this place is beautiful.  For a good nine to ten months out of the year this place is gorgeous and in most cases the cold hasn’t slowed us down.





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