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Mr. Handy Man

on March 17, 2014

You would think having known someone for over 16 years you would know how handy they are around the house, cars, etc.  Especially if that person worked on multi-million dollar aircraft for 10 years!  Even with the work my husband had done with our two previous houses I really had no idea how handy he could be until the past couple years.

Lucky for me my husband is very handy.  What he doesn’t know how to do he will research until he’s confident he can do it.  And since we (still) don’t really know anyone here in Connecticut he’s excited to do stuff around the house.

After moving into our new house we quickly realized how much we wanted to do to fix it.  Aside from getting new carpet and a new front door there wasn’t much we had to do right away.  I think everything we’ve done so far has been easy fixes – though some have been frustrating and slightly time consuming.  When we first moved in we changed out the kitchen faucet, the bathroom shower head, and the light fixtures in the kitchen, hall, and basement.

old fixture

old dining room fixture

With each light fixture Brian fixed we laughed about how old and dated they were.  The next fixture that needed to go was the dining room light.  I knew I didn’t want just any light for the room after I found a beautiful multi-colored mosaic pendant light online.  The fixture I found was too far out of my price range, priced at just over $500.00.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it out of my mind once I found it.  Since our dining room can be seen from our living room and kitchen I wanted something that we wouldn’t mind staring at regularly.

new fixture

new mosaic fixture

After hours of searching online I found a beautiful satin nickel chandelier with neutral colored mosaic glass; with a coupon and free shipping I was able to get it for under $150!  We tackled the project Friday afternoon while the Boo was at daycare, this allowed us uninterrupted time to put the fixture up and unlike the other fixtures we put up after bedtime there would be no stumbling around in the dark to do so .  We had several frustrations with the fixture, the biggest being a gap between the ceiling and the lighting cap.  After some clever thinking from Brian we were able to add a decorative ceiling medallion which fixed the issue and completed our classy look.  I am completely in love with our new light fixture and am glad Brian didn’t give up on making it look perfect!

In addition to installing the dining room light Brian also spent a chunk of time this weekend working on my car: oil change, installing a new door handle (the original broke off after an icy, snowy and downright frigid day), replacing fluids, and figuring out why my car alarm goes off at random.  I am so thankful for all the time he has spent on the house so far, not to mention the plans he has for it down the line.  I’m very lucky to have such a handy husband around the house!


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  1. The most awesome dude you know. says:

    thanks. i think. but we’re not done yet

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