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on June 18, 2013

Recently, we’ve begun gardening.  When I say “we” I really mean Brian.  He has done everything from researching, ordering supplies, setting everything up, and ensuring that our plants are a success.  I on the other hand like to check them out regularly to see how much they’ve grown and occasionally watering them.  We planted our first seeds about a month and a half ago and are extremely excited with how things are going.  I’m no expert on the topic and won’t pretend that I am so I’m going to leave the gardening posts to Brian beginning with the one below.  I promise pictures of the garden will be posted soon.  Enjoy!


To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow –Audrey Hepburn

I’m not the type of dude to go throwing Audrey Hepburn quotes into the wind.  I’m more of a Sun Tzu kind of guy, but in this case it fits.  Lately it seems like the things I gave the most effort to in my life didn’t pan out.  So now I’ve tried to focus on the things with the most tangible results.  Among other things, gardening seems to be something where there is definitely a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so to speak.  Also, the benefits of hard work can actually be seen at home, which I think will be one of the more important lessons I need to teach my daughter.  Along with an awesome addition to my path towards a healthy lifestyle, there isn’t much not to like. 

I approached my first attempt at gardening like I do most every other hobby I attempt; with way too much speculation and research.  I digested probably every article and study on how to make things grow I could find.  I probably got the creepy IT guy at work that checks out what everyone searches for to say “What the fuck?” with hours spent researching how to get the most yield out of a tomato plant.  This was before even the first dollar was spent.  I quickly found out that most gardeners can be placed at either extreme of the science spectrum and therefore couldn’t offer much sound advice to a person trying it out for the first time.  Either it was some “new agey” hokey stuff that couldn’t be proven, or some very very dense research on soil pH in organic matter.  I learned that it’s probably easier than you ever thought it was.  Try and prove me wrong by putting a seed in some soil.  There are some finer points and some scientific stuff that can be tweaked to get more yield, but overall it’s a simple process.  Seed + Decent Soil + Water + Light = Plant.  Realistically marijuana farmers taught me more about how plants work and how to keep them healthy than most gardeners.  For some reason they are a bit more obsessive over every little detail and are more thorough in descriptions of their successes.  So I modeled my vegetable garden after a pretty simple weed grow, and it hasn’t failed me yet…..actually just the opposite.  (and no I am not growing weed on the side)

I have a mylar tent in my basement with a 400w MH/HPS ballast and light complete with inline fan (with a speed controller) and ducting.  Inside I have a humidity and temperature meter and a carbon filter which help me keep the environment just right for everything I’ve got going on.  I use Fox Farms brand everything, from potting soil down to nutrients.  I decided on a good mix of tomatoes (several varieties), cucumbers, and bell peppers to start with.  I started by planting around 26 seeds, not really expecting them all to sprout.  All but one of the plugs in the tray sprouted, and I’m pretty sure the one that didn’t was planted too deep.  I planted on April 24th and as of right now my tomato plants sit about a foot and a half tall, I have four very long cucumber vines that all bear fruit, and my pepper plants have tripled in size in the last two weeks.  We also just plastered a couple of trays with basil and cilantro seeds, which are beginning to grow.  So far I’m happy.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.




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