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5 days down…

on June 15, 2013

So far I’ve made it 5 days so far on my dessert detox and I think I’m doing pretty good. My husband gave me a hard time at the end of days 2 and 4 because I shared with him that I drank a root beer during the day.  ONE root beer, twice this week!  To me, I don’t believe I broke my detox.  I don’t consider soda a dessert and I don’t necessarily categorize my desserts by the number of calories or grams of sugar they contain.  Maybe I should.  I know that soda is not good for me and I also know that if not on detox I could have enjoyed a low-calorie dessert for less calories than I drank; but I also know I’m not going to binge on soda.  It’s true, I cut soda out of my daily diet many years ago… around 15 or so.  The longest without soda was a year but since then I only drink it every now and again.  I prefer water, to me it tastes soon and I feel good when I’m fully hydrated.  When I did Weight Watchers the first time I only drank diet soda which has made most sodas too sweet for me in general so I steer clear.  But every once in a while I enjoy a full calorie, full flavor root beer.  This week I did so once because I needed to balance out the saltiness of the edamame beans I ate with something sweet and the second time was as a treat for bringing 5 large plant containers inside during a downpour. 

So… are sodas really a dessert?  Should they be banned during my detox?  I’ve given a lot of thought to it and I still don’t consider them a dessert.  I could probably intake just as many calories and sugar from a glass of juice so for me it’s not about that.  One thing that stuck with me after the second root beer of the week was how I felt.  I felt sick to my stomach.  For an entire afternoon my stomach hurt and my body was not happy.  Because of that feeling alone I don’t think I’ll be enjoying too many sodas when I’m detoxing.  I think the amount of sugar was honestly what did it even though I haven’t completely cut sugar out for the past 5 days I have drastically decreased my intake for sure.

Aside from the soda the only other item that could possibly be classified as dessert that I’ve had this week are FiberOne bars.  I prefer the Dark Chocolate Almond flavor and they have been stocking my pantry regularly for the past few years.  Again, I don’t see this as a dessert.  A snack?  Definitely.  The only thing that concerns me here is that it does contain chocolate.  But this detox is about ridding my system of the obsessiveness with which I devour all things sweet (ice cream, cookies, etc, etc.).  The fiber bars, like a chewy granola bar with nuts and chocolate for those who haven’t tried them, are not something I would EVER binge on.  Has anyone ever had more than one fiber bar in a day?  I know someone who has and I laughed my ass off when they told me about it.  The bars actually come with a warning label that explains to increase your fiber intake gradually other “gastrointestinal disturbances” can occur.  I am completely confident that I would only eat one of these bars in a day – chocolate or no chocolate. 

With these two treats in mind I have come to realize that my detox isn’t just about steering clear of certain foods because they are considered (at least to me) to be a dessert.  It’s also about realizing which foods I would actually binge on and which I wouldn’t.  In the dieting world those foods are call trigger foods. 

While the past five days may not be a success from a 100% standpoint I think it’s been a success in being mindful of what foods I’m eating, how they make me feel, and whether or not they could be considered trigger foods.

What trigger foods do you have?  Any thoughts about what is or isn’t considered a dessert?

’til next time!




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