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Day 1 down!

on June 11, 2013

I started day one of dessert detox just as planned.  I had a “last supper” if you will on Sunday afternoon when the family and I went to a nearby creamery for a treat (seriously, they make the BEST ice cream EVER – it was well worth the indulgence).  Day one came rather easily – the only dessert-ish thing I ate was toast with cream cheese and jelly and a glass of pre-made, bottled sweet tea.  Neither of these things are items I would over-do it on and I don’t consider them dessert.  During the day I chose healthy snacks and drank several glasses of water which I believe is a great start!

I realized Sunday evening while talking to my husband about this detox that I am excited about giving it a go.  I know it will be beneficial, in fact, I already feel like it is and since I’m posting about it here on this blog I have some accountability… and for me, accountability has always been a motivating factor.  Any time I have to admit I didn’t do something it’s tough.  And I tend to want to take the easy way out. 

So with day one down, I have accomplished a small goal but a goal nonetheless.  What about you?  What goals have you accomplished recently?  What are you hoping to get back on track with?


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